The Flats:
North Sharon

They called the space between Shenango and Penn avenues, “The North Flats,” and for generations of families it was home. Workdays whistled the soundtrack of opportunity, as breadwinners marched from frame houses to posts at factories and stores. Families made their lives in the neighborhood. But as time went on, the area transformed. Residences came down to make way for industrial spaces. Today, the area is unrecognizable as the neighborhood it once was.

But all that is about to change. Soon, the spirit of this neighborhood will live again at The Flats, North Sharon with apartments and wellness amenities to transform your passion. JCL Development, owned by Sharon businessman Jim Landino, plans to use his 48,000-square-foot building across from Penn State’s Shenango Campus for the project. “We feel the campus is a hidden gem within blocks of an ever-evolving downtown Sharon environment that we have been working to improve, revitalize and transform for many years,’’ Landino said.

Anticipated to break ground in summer of 2023, the complex will include space for 25 new residents with 10-12 beautiful and modern apartment units. 25,000 square feet of indoor recreation for youth athletics, college intramurals, and adult programming. There will be plenty of room for basketball, baseball / softball, volleyball, pickleball and more!


The Vision