Jim Landino and Jen Krezeczowski, here! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us, as well as JCL Development – which hosts several business entities. Most days - you can find us both working and weaving within the community – focused on the building, revitalization and the beautification of the city we love. We, along with our teams of players wake up every morning with the idea of “Creating a Colorful Community” in downtown Sharon, Pennsylvania.

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Our Voices

JCL Development has many voices that help to shape our passion and commitment for creating a colorful community. And, we want to share them with you!

Jerry Westacott

I was nineteen and nearly 1,000 miles from home in my second year at Arkansas State. By then, I knew that I should never have gone back to school; I was lost.

By Jim Landino | 11/02/2020

My summer job with the Wayland Street & Water Department was backbreaking, but even after days of mowing, ripping out broken sidewalks, and sweeping streets, I could enjoy the fruits of hard labor. I realized that I would never…

Thanks, Mr. Gunlocke!

My brothers and I ruled the newspaper delivery market in Wayland, New York.

By Jim Landino | 10/26/2020

The four of us, on a fleet of bright yellow, heavy-duty Schwinns with dual metal baskets, were the kings of the paper routes, making sure the Democrat and Chronicle Morning Edition arrived in front doors or newspaper boxes seven…